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and your mood is too low.


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22.8.15 - 18:08

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have you ever cared so much it hurts?
i have never felt what it's like to be bullied, but even if i don't, i still get called names by friends. 'ugly' 'fat' maybe they're just joking, maybe not. it still hurts though. i never called them back by saying 'you're too skinny' 'you're just skin and bones' i'm afraid to hurt their feelings. but they never cared about my feelings. they're egoistical. the saying "a thousand kindness will only be remembered five seconds, but one mistake will be remembered a lifetime" is true after all.

i don't really care of what people think of me, but it really hurts coming from your own close friends. i don't know what to call them because each day my trust for them is decreasing. they said, 'you're fat' 'ugh i'm so fat, but it's ok you're fatter' 'don't eat too much, you're already fat' or when people see us together 'oh you guys are really pretty! but you (me) are too fat'

i care, okay? i fucking care about what my friends see about me. i'm surprisingly insecure. i ask myself while looking in the mirror, 'am i that fat? am i that ugly? am i that short?'

and i always hate it when my skinny friends says they're too fat and need to diet and exercising, like, wtf guys you're like a stick figure!

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